Want Your Lawn To Look Like A Baseball Field?

SONY DSCSo you have seen the lawns like this on TV: sports, movies, internet, but whenever you cut your lawn it looks nothing like this and you think you have the method down. After your hard work you just have plain Jane boring grass. Pocket Hose Ultra is here to tell you that you can do it, you just needed to be informed how.

Every machine has a rock guard, in the rock guard we recommend you to put an object of dense and heavy – like a pole. This will matte the grass as you run it over with your mower, you will notice the effect similar to when you rub your hand over suede. One direction gives a darker look to the grass the other way does a lighter tone. Repeat this as desired in any direction.

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Forbes Boast About Pocket Hose Ultra!

Forbes Blog LogoCheck this out! The #1 hose on the market consumes about 80% of all hose purchases! Within this article interview CEO & President of Telebrands AJ Khubani discusses the success of the Pocket Hose Ultra, and its only getting better! Although we have had some early issues with production within this article our CEO tells all positive and negatives and what to look forward to in the next couple months because its going to be huge. Often times when things are great, people think they cant be better. However, AJ believes things can only get better and better with a projected number of sales of over 200 million dollars, you should be sure to get one and join the millions! Whether you have bought one before or not, there is no doubt when Forbes mentions this product as light, portable, user friendly, self-collapsing, easy to rewind & store, little difficulty to travel far for use, and its correlation to sales, it becomes apparent that this is one product you should own!

For the full article click the link here !http://onforb.es/W3zUPs

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Q&A With CEO Aj Khubani

Q&A With CEO Khubani

PBJ sat down with AJ Khubani, creator of the As Seen On TV Logo and founder & CEO of Telebrands, for a Q&A with this legend to talk about his career and life. But much to readers surprise, Khubani’s ride hasn’t been a smooth, only up-hill journey. In fact, he went bankrupt three times! This is a must read for all entrepreneurs to read, or anyone interested in the story of someone taking their mistakes and failures and having that lead them to success. His story is unique and inspiring and we recommend everyone check it out!

HomeWorld Magazine is Crazy For Telebrands!

AJ Khubani's Keynote Address

As Seen On TV Kids Products

New Products from Telebrands

In HomeWorld Magazine’s issue from June 23rd, 2014, there are 3 articles that feature Telebrands! HomeWorld touches on our CEO AJ Khubani’s keynote address to the Montclair University business graduates, as well as Telebrands venture into kids products, one being the Teddy Tank and some of the new products coming from Telebrands, like Up & Under Doggy Steps.

Checkout HomeWorld Magazines issue to read up on all the Telebrands news, what we’re doing and where we came from! Until next time, keep coming back to our products’ blogs  for all the news & reviews that you’ll need!

31 Summer Hacks To Make It Awesome

Summer is around the corner and now that you’ve got the Pocket Hose Ultra to make summer chores a breeze, it’s time to make the summer even more extraordinary. Take a look at these awesome hacks to make this summer one you won’t ever forget! Join us on this ride of legendary DIY Hacks for the summer!

Turn an old bunk bed into a stargazing loft retreat.

Summer DIY

Summer DIY

Make these simple tables out of $30 whiskey barrels.

Summer DIY

Summer DIY

Make a simple canopy by stringing a rope between two trees and hanging sheets off of it.

Summer DIY

Summer DIY

Construct this simple bar for outside entertaining.

Summer DIY

Summer DIY

Now, those are only a few on this awesome list of 31 Summer Hacks! Check it out and see how many you can cross off your list!

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Side By Side – Pocket Hose Ultra vs. Regular Hose

Screen shot 2014-06-11 at 2.54.13 PMHere is how the winner compares to the competition, the Pocket Hose Ultra triumphs over your average hose, therefore the choice should be clear! If you do not have yours yet, all other hoses are just a waist of time, space, and money. This is the future of hoses, are you ready to make the switch? Check out PocketHoseUltra.com to get yours today, look for the special offer on the site and you can get 2 for 1!

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Poonam Khubani–Forbes Women Business Leader

Khubani--Women Business Leader

Out of all the women in business, we are extremely proud and honored to have Senior Vice President, International Sales of Telebrands, Poonam Khubani, as one of Forbes Women Business Leaders in America. Forbes magazine is one of the most widely read business magazines in the world, featuring original articles on finance, industry, investing, and marketing topics. Poonam’s article portrays her qualities that stand out from so many others, making her a Business Leader of America.

Poonam was born in India, and prior to moving to the United States, the former actress worked in Bollywood, hosted TV Asia, anchored Hindi news for ITV, produced films, and wrote and recorded chart-topping Bollywood and pop songs. Immersed in the Indian culture, the political science major speaks three different Indian dialects, as well as Spanish and English. As Senior Vice President of Telebrands, the leading DRTV industry in the world, Khubani has had a vital role in expanding the DRTV market internationally. Poonam says, ” ‘An understanding of political and regulatory forces, nuances of the languages, the economic environment, and lifestyle preferences of the target consumer drives every decision we make. These factors impact everything from product selection and manufacturing to marketing and distribution.’” Khubani is extremely careful of the country’s culture of which Telebrands products enter, and she is successful in driving the sales in those countries. In 2014 alone, Telebrands will have over 20 products being sold in 140 countries on 5 continents. How impressive is that? What is the reason for Telebrand’s international success? It all stems from Khubani’s earned trust in her partners because she always provides honest evaluations of the product’s potential and develops plans that help avoid pitfalls in unfamiliar markets.

If you have a product that has a broad mass market appeal, then getting in touch with Poonam Khubani would be your best bet for success. As a Women Business Leader in America, she is an irreplaceable player in the world of business, and we are so grateful to have her guidance in the most successful DRTV company in the world.